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Elaine, Michael, Jason and Lyka - Connel

We approached Jessica to help us train Lyka, our 4 month old Siberian Husky puppy. Jessica visited us at home and we worked out a 'training plan' for Lyka, and us! Jessica's love of dogs and their overall well-being shone through immediately.

Jessica advised us to begin by working on Lyka's recall and showed us techniques which our puppy responded to brilliantly! Jessica led us through a progress continually observing Lyka and working out what she was responding to and adapting the training plan accordinly to keep us progressing. Jessica's quick assessment of a situation and ability to work out a solution to improve and correct any problem behaviour with Lyka has been exceptional. In between training sessions Jessica has always been at the end of the phone with information, guidance and encouragement if required.

Lyka is now 7 months old. She is going from strength to strength with 'loose lead training' and we can let her off the lead to explore the beaches and forests confident that she will come back when called. Lyka is growing into a fantastic family dog. And Jessica - you are gifted!

Jackie - Oban

Jessica transported my beloved elderly dog to get clipped at Kennels. My dog is not too happy when going to be clipped and is usually extremely agitated on her return home. Jessica arrived early to meet Belle (my Bearded Collie cross) and my dog loved her. I have never seen my dog look so relaxed when she returned after clipping. Jessica's van is well equipped so that the animal feels comfortable. She was prompt, professional and very caring. I idolise my dog and Jessica was totally open and agreed to all my fussy requirements. Jessica's love of animals shines through her. I would not trust my dog with anyone else now.

Sheila - Dunbeg

Having kept working and pet dogs for over 50 years, I can fully recommend Jessica.

Her range of dog knowledge is vast from nutrition to behavioural norms and problems and her willingness to share that with everyone inspires confidence and admiration. In addition she has that natural presence (that can't be learned!) which commands immediate respect and affection from the dogs she is in contact with. I had complete confidence in allowing her to take my rescue German Shepherd out alone and she (the dog!) has benefited greatly from Jessica's expertise as have I.

The time and effort Jessica puts in to helping Staffies with rebalancing, training and re-homing will improve the lives of many in that misunderstood and misused group.

I am very happy to be on Jessica's list of satisfied customers.

Trish - Isle of Mull

Bam, a staffy cross of two years came to live with us on the Isle of Mull about a year ago. It soon became apparent that unfortunately he had never been socialised with other dogs by his two previous owners. A month ago we contacted Jessica and started a programme of socialisation training.

We travel to Oban every week and after four sessions Bam is responding in a very positive manner. I have found Jessica a pleasure to work with. She has encouraged and taught me how to help and understand Bam. It is a delight to work with such an enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable young woman, who has instilled in me the confidence to deal with Bam's relationships to other dogs. Our weekly lessons are a sheer delight and I learn something new each time.

Davina and Fly

Have been meaning to email you with an update on Fly to tell you how much a difference you made to him!

Fly is doing very well, he's no bother meeting people in the house now, he's met my friend's feisty dog “Bodge” but it went OK so we've been on dog walks since. Whilst training in the hills this winter with his Daddy Fly met a spaniel called Roy, and spent the day playing in the snow with him. We met a friend for a hill walk with his two dogs and Fly was great, not reacting to them at all. He has also been on the train and we took him to a festival on holiday in Yorkshire with 15,000 people and probably about 200 dogs, he went on a bus with other dogs and lasted about an hour wandering around before he'd had enough, very impressive for him!

We still walk him on lead, but he's a lot calmer. Our neighbours have a new Collie bitch who he met at about 3 months old and they get along very well. Fly has taught her to swim and she has definitely made a difference to his ability to meet other dogs.

I wish you all the luck in the world with your training business and feel free to quote me to other prospective clients, I think you made a huge difference to Fly and us and your methods clearly work.